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Pina-ilog is chosen to be their village's "Binukot", a maiden selected as the fairest amongst the women in her village, confined to her house, never allowed to go outside. She is chosen to keep the traditions alive, memorizing the chants, dances, and performing them. She is to pass the title and responsibility to her granddaughter Dowokan. When the sanctity of the "tuos" becomes threatened, putting Dowokan in danger, Pina-ilog realizes that she cannot just stand aside. Pina-ilog finds herself coming face to face, literally, with the ghosts of tradition, which have shackled her into a life of solitary confinement.

Monoxide Works Members

Bryan Dumaguina
Sound Designer /
Re-recording Mixer
Adi Bersales
Sound Editor /
Re-recording Mixer
Martin Vitalicio
Sound Editor
Yves Patron
Sound Editor
Rob Jara
Post Production Supervisor